November 27, 2020

Motivation… Finally

This covid season has been hard on a lot of us.

For me it’s had its ups, surprisingly enough, and it’s down. The ups, I have built my own place to work out of that makes me happy. I would not have done this without the mass amounts of free time and the motivation to have a non-contact space to call my office.  The major down side, the huge lack of motivation to get anything completed when it comes to digital things. What was the point? To post a whole bunch of things knowing that I wasn’t going to get booked for a single job because of the pandemic, yeah no fun. Not to mention that I had 3 shoots that were going to happen in the spring of 2020 and all of them got cancelled. I was lucky enough to squeeze one in in February before the shit hit the fan.

But now, some close friend who know that I take “sexy” pictures of people have been encouraging me to finish out some things and to start setting up for the new things that are going to come my way when this is all over. The biggest hurdle for me was motivation.

“you are too good not to do it, get the fuck out there and do it already.”

Motivation comes in many forms. For me, it comes in the dead of night when I can’t sleep and I feel like my time is running out on this planet. I go through thoughts of how short life is and how much of it we waste never pursuing our dreams.   My guy friend’s words, who also requested a shoot by me, played in my head, “you are too good not to do it, get the fuck out there and do it already.”  This mantra of, “get the fuck out there and do it already,” has been running through my mind so much. It is at the forefront of my brain.

So this newest portfolio set is a product of this motivation. It was shot on my older camera, but Lynn still makes every picture so beautiful. I have the privilege of shooting her whenever I want.  This pictures in this set are just some of the many fantastic pics that she has taken with me.

Enjoy. And yes, there are more to come. I have been blessed by some of my other private clients to allow me to open up their pictures on my website in hopes of helping me get bookings when this whole mess of covid is at a place to where we can openly function again.